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Good day to all, there are sites on popular CMS that are overloaded or not functional enough, and cloud platforms CRM and ERP require modernization for successful integration into business processes. So the question is, does it make sense to invest in writing your own software?




  1. Travis

    In my opinion, yes, it makes perfect sense, since it is your own software, you can develop it to your own liking and give it the functionalities that you want, on the other hand, when it is software created by third parties and developed with the idea of ​​another person, you can only use it for what that person has developed it for, having functions that that person wanted it to have and not exclusively those that you need, it has many advantages to make your own software

  2. Mike

    As the comments above have told you, it makes a lot of sense to make that investment in your own software, the benefits that this brings are more than clear, if you want to develop your own I recommend doing it here https://peiko.space/service/custom-software-development-services they will do it for you, you you just have to tell them how you want your software to be and the functions you want it to have, I’m sure it will help you

  3. Tyson

    creating your own custom software has many benefits, the most obvious being that the software will only have the features you want it to have, the options you want it to have, etc. the software will literally be how you want it, and as you have been told on the comments, using a software already designed is having to limit yourself to using only the actions that you have available already predetermined by the creator of the software