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Buy Cialis 10mg Online is:
a long-lasting erectile dysfunction medication used to help you get and stay hard
a prescription-only medication, so a doctor has to approve it for you
safe and effective as long as a doctor approves it for you
How Cialis works
Cialis works in a similar way to other erectile dysfunction treatments. It relaxes muscles around your penis, improving blood flow and making it easier to get and keep erections when you’re aroused.

If taken before sex, Cialis:
starts working in about 30 mins
lasts for up to 36 hours
might not work as well if you drink alcohol or eat a heavy meal beforehand
If you take Order Cialis Online Daily, you do not need to plan to take it before sex. Cialis Daily is always working, and helps you get an erection whenever you’re ready to have sex.
How to take Cialis
Taking Cialis is easy, just like any other tablet you swallow:
For Cialis 10mg and 20mg – take your tablet 1 hour before you want to have sex, and avoid heavy meals before you take it
For Cialis Daily – take your tablet at the same time every day
Swallow your tablet whole, with water if needed
Don’t take more than 1 tablet every 24 hours
Avoid drinking alcohol to get the best results and less risk of side effects
What are the dosages of Cialis?
There are 4 dosages of Cialis. 2 daily doses and 2 doses taken before sex. Daily doses can be a better choice if you have sex on more than 3 different days a week.
Cialis 2.5mg:
The lower-strength daily dose
You can try this dose if you’ve tried 5mg and it worked well but it gives you some mild side effects
Daily doses
Cialis 5mg:
The standard daily dose
This is the recommended dose if you’ve not tried Cialis Daily before
Cialis 10mg:
The standard before sex dose
This is the recommended dose if you’ve not tried Cialis before
Cialis 20mg:
The higher-strength before sex dose
You could try this dose if 10mg does not work for you and you don’t get any serious side effects
Make sure to check with a doctor before switching the dose of any medication.

See our Cialis Dosages page for more information.

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