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L, who also goes by the aliases Hideki Ryuga, Ryuzaki, Eraldo Coil, and Deneuve, the latter two for which he has developed a reputation as the world’s second and third best detective, is rather secretive and only communicates with the world through his Assistant Watari. He never shows his face to the world, instead depicting himself with a capital L in Cloister Black font. After meeting with the Kira investigation team, he requests that the task force refer to him as Ryuzaki for discretion. Kira’s investigation team never discovers his real name.
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L’s disheveled and languid appearance masks his great powers of deduction and insight. He tends to question everything that comes his way and is extremely meticulous and analytical. He has various quirks, such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, eating only sweet foods such as desserts and fruits, and holding objects very delicately. He stayed in England for five years, during which time he was the English Junior Cup tennis champion.

L suggests that even though he only eats sweet foods, he remains underweight because the brain uses the most calories of any organ in the body. He also says that if he sits normally, his reasoning ability would be reduced by 40%.