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There are numerous examples of packaged or DIY pen loops that are made to hold your pen on the open side of your moleskine, but it has been pointed out that it doesn't go well with the closing elastic band on this side. Plus, with a soft cover such as mine, the open side will bend easily and the pen won't feel really secure.

That's why I tried to adapt the concept of those pen loops to the other, more rigid side of the notebook.

I didn't think to take picture during the process, but it is rather straightforward, you can easily get it right on the first try!

All you need is

  • A small piece of elastic band (or any other material you like)
  • Some duct tape
  • A small box cutter/exacto knife

First, just cut two small slots on the front and the back of the cover, so you can pass the elastic band through them.

Then, when your loop is placed, leaving enough room to put a pen but not too muuch or it will just fall, tape the extremities of the elastic band on the insides of the cover 



This is actually similar to the way the closing elastic band is fixed on the cover


What I really like about this hack, and what decided me to share it with you, is that there is noting taped on the outside of the notebook, it is not obviously a DIY solution and feels like the moleskine was designed that way in the first place.


I haven't really tried it yet, but my pen feels quite secure in there, and I hope this will hold until my notebook is filled (I'm already more than halfway through it, I don't think I would've tried this hack on a brand new one…)


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