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“To be the best integrated wooden company with sustainable resources”
Anja Furniture Living as the best Outdoor Furniture company certainly has a good vision and mission too. This vision and mission is used to build a company to be the best for consumers. So that it will create a continuous relationship.
The vision of our company is “to become the best integrated timber company with sustainable resources”. This means that our company is very concerned about resources for its raw materials.
Our company does not necessarily cut wood for raw materials for making furniture. However, doing reforestation. This is done so that the former tree land can be used properly. The waste that we remove is also treated optimally.
We also work with Perhutani. The trees planted by the government are of course well cared for. When logging or replanting. Our core products use the highest quality teak wood material.
The Best Wood Company 
As the best wood company, of course, we also provide the best quality for consumers. Many factors have led us to become one of the best companies in Indonesia. 
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