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I divided my Moleskine notebook to these sections:


Inbox => for record everything important (tasks, thoughts…)

Goals – week/year => my personal goal for every week and year and notes about completing this goals

Today => tasks for every day. I am dividing tasks into MITs (most important tasks) and OTs (other tasks)

Due => things from my calendar

Projects => list of my projects

Contexts => the most important contexts => calls, work, school, waiting for…

Notes => other personal notes from work, school, etc.


As you can see, some pages of my Moleskine notebook has cutted edges. This was my first try to moleskine hack, but it isn’t good and after I realized it, I redivided sections of my Moleskine and add sticky labels => best solution :-).


I am using this system with my productivity app called OmniFocus. But I think, it's not necessarry and you can use this hack alone with Moleskine notebook.


Here are some photos:

– Side view:


– Inbox:


– Today:


– Projects:


– Contexts:


– Notes: 


  1. Profile photo of Petr
    Petr Post author

    Hi Razvan,

    thanks for your comment. Yes, I can, but I think it’s on you. I firmly divided my Moleskine and few monts later I realized, that I haven’t space for Inbox notes etc. It depends, on you system and type of tasks. I divided my moleskine:

    – Inbox – about 30 pages
    – Goal/Year – 1 page
    – Goal/Week – 5 page
    – Today – 60 pages
    – Due – 15 pages
    – Projects – 6 pages
    – Contexts – 30 pages
    – Notes – rest pages

    I hope, that it will help you :-).



  2. Profile photo of Razvan

    Hello Petr,

    Thank you so much. I’m using a Moleskine right now as a journal, but I’m going to buy a new one today for GTD.

    I’m also interested in the “professional” Moleskine (http://www.moleskine.com/web/en/collections/model/product?id=433256#.ULDFoYfql8E).

    It’s not really GTD but it’s somehow formatted for GTD.

    Tell me please, if you were to do it all over again, how would you build it to fit your needs?

    Thank you and great job,

  3. Profile photo of Petr
    Petr Post author

    You are welcome. The professional Moleskine looks great, but I personally rather prefer the rulled one :-). I like, that I can customize everything.

    How I would built it again to fit my needs is in my previous reply, but really what works for me, could’nt works for your system. You must try it and customize it little bit on your needs.

    Thank you,


  4. Profile photo of Liz

    Hi Petr

    I love this hack – I’ve only recently started sub-dividing my moleskines in this way. I realised – belatedly – that I wanted to use the same moleskine but have different sections to it, as it pertained to different thoughts / projects. Personally would love for Moleskine to give us the opportunity to create project notebooks like this! Also: I love the cut-away pages.

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