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MPhil is not a popular degree among research degrees and people sometimes mistake it for a Masters degree in Philosophy. People prefer PhD over MPhil because they do not have enough knowledge about this degree and what’s it about.

What is MPhil?

MPhil is a research degree which provides you with the same skill set and expertise that the PhD does. Only it is less common between people because, in the academic world, the PhD degree is considered to be only a higher degree. It does not relatively have the same originality and uniqueness as a PhD but it does provide you with significant researching skills. It teaches you about the existing theories and strengthens your knowledge on it. This uncommon degree also ends up in method development.

The main difference between a PhD degree and an MPhil degree is that MPhil degree can be earned in many ways. It can be earned as a qualification of own or an ending qualification. IT used to be one of the highest awarding degrees in the academic sector until much other higher degree came and it got replaced and lost its credibility like it once had. A lot of people hold a PhD degree now and many organizations require people who have degrees in PhD and not, MPhil. Other rumours about this degree are that some people consider it as the fail PhD. It is not a failed PhD. Not everyone gets a chance to turn their thesis into a PhD degree but they ultimately get to the other and a whole different level that is the MPhil degree. There is assignment writing help in Karachi available that can guide you on how to turn your PhD research into your MPhil research.

Why do students take MPhil and not PhD?

Some students do not go for a PhD and earn the MPhil degree by choice because of its strong coursework and it is also a one year master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. From some field like the humanities, MPhil is considered to be the highest rewarding degree after PhD.  Other students who go for this degree is because they might be financially unstable and do not have the resources to earn an expensive degree like a PhD. Some take solely to acquire unique researching qualities.

Students sometimes start on the track of receiving a PhD degree but later they find out that PhD is not exactly for them or the research they have done exactly the greatest research of their life so they end up on the MPhil track that rewards them with a degree and does not let their efforts go to waste.


In short, for most people, an MPhil is not worth it but according to the academic sector, it’s a fulfilling degree that teaches you the same skill set like every other degree and avoids you from failure. It might not be the highest rewarding degree but it surely is a prestigious degree that is required for humanities. Even to be a lecturer or a professor, an MPhil degree is equivalent to that of a PhD degree.  

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