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Welcome to The “Transaction Land” from 2022

Transaction – simple bank or business operation.

Why should I pursue for a million when I can rule the transaction art world?

We are children of war. War is money, money has no face.
It’s as simple as the Transaction, we are the children of the Transaction, we are the children with hidden faces.

Reading the code of the matrix, with whom or what you can make a deal,
conduct a Transaction in order to gain a foothold in modern society.

The heroes of the transaction world – living and dead, people and animals,
– are deprived of Transaction codes, like mirrors, they absorb and reflect
everything that happens in the “black mirror”.
They are extras and observers, they are the children of the Transaction, they are hidden faces. -{$M}
Transaction art has an official language, the alphabet consists of all world currencies symbols, pronounced as Hebrew.
Before the title of each work, you can see codes consisting of numbers, signs, and letters. This is a reference to accounting. When the product arrives at the warehouse, it receives an individual code. When a product changes warehouse, the digital code also changes. The same happens with the codes in front of each title of the artwork.

The main heroes of the Transaction Art world are people with hidden faces and strange animals.

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