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Running a business is complicated and time-consuming. White label products and solutions are common in many industries as a way to save time and simplify business development and operation. To decide whether a White Label solution is right for your gambling business

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  1. Dmitri Post author

    How do white label online casinos work?

    The phrase white label casino business is increasingly found on foreign sites dedicated to the gambling business. Yes, and many domestic players have come across it more than once. This is an interesting system, thanks to which many new casinos appear on the network, which are clones of existing resources.

    What does the term white label mean?
    The concept of white label has been used in the economy for more than a decade.

    Roughly speaking, they just stick their labels on the goods.

    The name white label means that there is an empty space on the package, where any company can put its name, which will conclude an appropriate agreement with the manufacturer. It is believed that the term originated from DJs who ripped off stickers from rare records so that competitors could not recognize the artist of the song they played at discos.

    This phenomenon is widespread in the electronic goods market. TVs, DVD players, tape recorders and other household appliances can come off the assembly line of the same factory, but hit the shelves under different brands. This practice is also used in the restaurant and banking business.

    In recent years, a lot of online casinos have appeared on the worldwide network, which belong to the white label category.

    How do white label casinos operate?
    Many successful casinos buy from software manufacturers the right to resell their products under a white label. Then, for a relatively small fee, they provide anyone with the necessary software and a standard website.

    The owner of a new establishment can perform a variety of operations:

    completely change the design
    design your own logo,
    enter your bonuses,
    to run a lottery,
    arrange tournaments and so on.
    Of course, the white label casino site will be located on a unique domain. However, the helpdesk and checkout usually remain common between the parent and child brands.

    Subsequently, when the white label casino starts operating, approximately half of the profit goes to the owners of the main resource. Usually, the terms of the contract provide for the possibility of a complete acquisition of the casino, but the amount of such a transaction, as you might guess, is much higher than the original price.

    How to recognize a white label casino?
    If a casino wants to hide its white label affiliation, it will not be easy to find out. Most often, you can find out the truth by calling the support service, which will be the same as that of the main institution. However, you understand, sometimes for this you will have to check a lot of casinos on the same platform.

    In some cases, you can get information of interest on the website of the company that produces this software.

    As you can see, white label casinos are a very common phenomenon in modern online gambling. We do not claim that all such establishments are unworthy of the attention of players. Among them there are curious resources that find the opportunity to make interesting offers to customers and are distinguished by a high level of service. However, it is worthwhile to find out if the casino is a white label in advance.


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