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What is stress?
Stress is a physical, emotional, or psychological response to events that make you feel overwhelmed or threatened. It can result from any number of things, including work overload, family responsibilities, financial difficulties, and traumatic life events.

While stress is often a normal reaction that helps us stay alert and focused in challenging situations, chronic stress can lead to health problems such as anxiety, heart disease, and depression. Learning how to manage stressful situations and develop healthy coping mechanisms is essential for maintaining your physical well-being and mental health. You may also consult mental health professionals on this matter. Emotion is a conscious and non-conscious response to an event or situation.

Emotions are often accompanied by physical changes, such as sweating and increased heart rate. The most common emotions are love, hate, anger, and sadness. The emotion of fear is the most common emotion experienced by humans across all cultures. Emotions are a fundamental part of human life. Emotions affect how our brains function and alter our behavior.

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  1. Diter

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