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Project Zomboid computer game is very popular at the intersection of the genres of survival horror and computer role-playing game. The essence of the game is survival against the zombies. I play recently and believe me intrigued almost everything! Complete freedom of action, a large dystopian city, beautifully designed weather engine, thousands of walking zombies and much more. In order to play with the company I’m looking for a suitable server for project Zomboid.

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  1. Alex

    The project is interesting and attracts more and more players around the world. The game world is made in such a way that you want to study it more and more. After playing a little, any player gets used to the project. It’s no big deal. I don’t feel sorry for my free time for a high-quality game.

  2. Milena547

    Yes, it’s a good game. About zombies, this game is reminiscent of “The Walking Dead” you know the movie is super, and even play great. My personal opinion everyone should try to play. I also played a lot of destiny and wow. One to play very boring in Project Zomboid, so I also looked for a server to play. I had a friend who offered me one, but it did not work. I think that free servers do not work, and I need to look for quality paid servers, but where to look and pick up can be here https://sitechecker.pro/web-hosting/best-project-zomboid-server-hosting/

  3. Travis

    great game project Zomboid, I haven’t played Zomboid for years but the times I played and the server failed I found it by searching Google, in a simple search I found the server without any problems, but I don’t have a specific page to recommend , but as I have told you, I am sure that by searching on Google you will be able to find it relatively easily


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