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For my company have developed individual software.There are errors with all the professionals with whom I worked they mistakenly tested the software.I do not think to hire them again, as I do not see the point.I need a tester engineer specialist who understands this business? Please tell me if there are any?

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  1. Alex

    The testing stage is extremely important. You don’t have to underestimate him. This applies equally to any software. Especially programs related to sales and financial investments. Mistakes during industrial operation will damage your reputation.

  2. Alex

    There are really a lot of programmers in the market for these services. But do not expect that all the services offered will be of high quality. It is better to pay more but hire more experienced developers. Then the result will be more predictable. Do not save on software.

  3. Evan

    There is often no need to find developers and test engineers because there is quite a lot of ready-made software and various platforms that are great for business automation. I can recommend processmix to you, which would be a good solution for Customer onboarding and acquisition. Well and in general I think it’s a powerful strategy for attracting customers.


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