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As far as social-media platforms go, TikTok is safe — but there are some caveats! The app doesn’t contain malware and it doesn’t steal its users’ personal information, but that’s not to say using TikTok doesn’t come with any risks. Our home is safe, but we still use a home security system.

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  1. Leanne

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    Although it is largely unfiltered, Tiktok is actually rather safe. It’s equally hazardous as Google, a widely used platform that is largely unrestricted. Although there won’t be anything fatal here, if you view knowledge exposure as harmful, then yes, this is risky. The worst thing you might find is nsfw, which isn’t harmful but isn’t something most parents want their child to see (I mean, you could definitely find out how to tie a noose, but that’d only be bad if you were going to Kermit sewer side).

  2. Marsh

    Anda tahu, saya setuju dengan Anda, karena saya mengikuti akun tiktok yang memposting hal dan informasi yang sangat berguna. Saya sering menggunakan alat di tautan https://downloader.bot/ untuk mengunduh video ini tanpa tanda air, tetapi dalam kualitas yang baik. Ini biasanya terjadi ketika video tersebut tampaknya sangat berguna bagi saya, dan saya tidak ingin kehilangannya.


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