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I am a very tall girl 1.74 cm.With this height I always try to keep in shape, for example for me 70 kg is the norm.My friends have a lot of interest in me, how I keep in shape.And then I had the idea to create a fitness app, I want to create an application describing all the exercises that I do and my lifestyle.I have a page in Instagram, and I would like the users can learn my exercises.Is it possible to create a fitness app?

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  1. Maykl

    Hi I think you have a great figure.You can also advertise your exercise in Instagram.I think you better open a YouTube channel and show all the nuances and all sorts of diets.Mobile app, you can open and in the phone just think of a good name.And you can open a separate fitness app,there are special developers in this matter

  2. Sara

    Hello, I am very happy for you, not many women look after themselves, much less exercise. you have a great idea with the help of https://devoxsoftware.com/blog/how-to-build-a-fitness-app-detailed-guide/ these developers, you can open a fitness app. Fitness apps are designed for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. such apps help people analyze and improve their exercise patterns and eating habits. at the moment I also use such an app, I think with such an app it is easier to watch your figure.

  3. Sara

    Not so long ago I signed up for a Fitness trainer in Instagram.I really liked it.But in Instagram trainer do not post their exercises, and go live and need to follow the live broadcast is very difficult.So of course better mobile app I will know and analyze your diet, your lifestyle.Well I know that you should always drink plenty of water, and the body is cleared and the figure becomes better!

  4. Kollen90

    Mobile devices really make our lives easier, as well as applications on them. But by the way, fitness applications have become very popular and even profitable among developers. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to find such developers.


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