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I have been wondering for a long time. Why is it that in some countries, when we have Internet and mobile communication, but the health sector is at a low level? Why can’t we develop new strategies and electronic technologies like Devops? Devops is suitable for small businesses and big businesses, but how can the health sector change using DevOps technology!

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  1. Mike

    It seems like a great question to me, in fact it is a question that will generate debate, technology, the internet and a lot of technology are growing by leaps and bounds but in the health sector we still do not see much improvement, even until there is Artificial Intelligence that does many of these things for us, I think that the latter can be perfectly applied to the health area, but the DevOps thing seems like a great idea to me, search Google for a professional who can implement some development of whatever in DevOps for the industry Health

  2. Nikita

    Often we judge the success of a business by its numbers. But business is first and foremost about people. Therefore, if we want to achieve impressive results, we need to learn how to manage people. Understand their mindsets, beliefs and values, discover their abilities, inspire them and involve them in the work processes. Here https://devoxsoftware.com/blog/team-extension-features-benefits-process/ you can learn about the secrets of Devox and how to automate healthcare workflows and more.

  3. Travis

    It’s a good question, I think it’s more the lack of interest on the part of people, because for example if I wanted to develop an application or whatever for the health world through DevOps, I could do it right here https://itoutposts.com/devops-services-for-healthcare-sphere/ but as I told you, it is related to the interest of the people, because there are ways to do it, I think there are even plenty of ways and tools to do it, the problem is the interest of the people in wanting to do it

  4. Lamente

    DevOps is used for so many types of development that implementing DevOps in the health sector does not seem crazy or complicated to me, obviously speaking of an expert doing it, if I did it it would be impossible for me since I have no notion of this type of development but speaking of an expert who implements DevOps development in which a methodology for software development and others in the health area can be correctly applied, I don’t think it will be a complicated task for the expert, I think it’s more like they say in the comments, lack of interest on the part of people in that area

  5. Tyson

    What I love about DevOps is that it accelerates the development of any type of software in an incredible way and even perfectly combines software development with AI technology, and as some comments say, it is most likely that if it is not usually applied This type of technology in the health area is due to lack of interest on the part of the people in that area, because I also find it very strange that there is another type of reason, but anyway, it is a highly debatable topic.

  6. Rey

    I love that developers use the DevOps methodology to be able to develop any type of software, in this way you make sure that the developed software is developed in the best possible way, in which you know that the software will work 100% without any problem, and As for your question, it is something that also leaves me with many doubts, I think the same as the comments, it may be due, as they say, to the lack of interest on the part of people, but I also have doubts, I will look for information about this


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