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Here are recommendations for cool male cat names and their meanings that you can consider.

1. Charlie
Have a kitten who likes to roam the house? Well, you can consider Charlie a cool male cat name because it means “free man” in English.

2. Leo
Leo is the equivalent of the word “lion” which means lion in Italian. The maine coon cat race which has thick fur like a lion, is certainly suitable to use the name of this cool male cat.

3. Max
Max is an abbreviation of the word “Maximus” which in Latin means the greatest thing. Max is suitable as a choice of male cat names, especially for those who are big.

4. Milo
In fact, Milo means soldier in English. Milo is also often associated with sugary drink brands, which are perfect for a brown-haired male cat with a cute personality, you know.

5. Oliver
Oliver is a popular name in English which means ancestral descent. Oliver can also refer to “olive” aka olives, which is suitable for a greenish male cat.

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