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Sapphires are the most popular color stones used in jewelry today. Here you can know what parameters describe the color of sapphire.

1. Shades of Sapphire

Sapphire comes in almost every shade of the rainbow including yellow, pink, green, orange, peach, purple, and white. Blue sapphires are trendy and demanding gems, and cornflower blue sapphire is one of the rare sapphires of all colors.

2. Tone of Sapphire

Tone defines the intensity of the color. After a certain level, darker tones of sapphires don’t attract high prices. Purple-bluish tones of sapphires are rare and expensive categories of sapphires.

3. Saturation of Sapphire

The Brown modifier is used to identify the red, orange, and yellow sapphires, while the gray modifier is used to identify the green, blue, and violet sapphires.

4. Cut of Sapphire

Round and emerald cuts in sapphires are more brilliant and show intense sparkle. Jewelry lovers focus on cut and shape for more shine before buying an engagement ring.

Source URL: https://www.gemsny.com/sapphires/education/

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