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Hi All, I like to look after myself as a girl.Very often I do eyelash extensions.I wanted to ask who knows a good glue for lash extensions, sometimes I myself have to glue lashes when I do not have time to go to the salon! Or maybe someone knows where you can buy this glue.

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  1. Milena547

    Yes, we girls live hard all the time manicure pedicure, waxing.I also go to lash extensions, my master buys a great glue I do not know the name, as I find out I will write to you.From my personal experience, I can tell you to do extensions only in the presence of artists in the field.Yet I can recommend Instagram there are many who advertise such products!

  2. Leila

    No, well, Instagram is cool. But, not all the tips that are distributed there can be trusted. Therefore, in matters such as eyelash extensions and the selection of materials for this procedure, I trust only her. And when she makes my eyelashes, she uses eyelash remover from stacylash.com and I always like the results. But, here everyone has their own, of course.

  3. ValTT

    good afternoon everyone .. the topic is of course very relevant for girls and women all over the world .. my story is simple I recently moved to live in Canada and my wife began to think about what to do with cosmetics and how to choose it because it is not clear what brand they have good and bad ..that’s why I started digging the Internet in search of normal cosmetics in this region..and found and my wife is happy..so here is my answer of the girl, which you can see here eyelash remover: https://stacylash.com/collections/lash-removers

  4. Mike

    Hello how are you? It is very good that you take care of yourself and maintain your beauty, I suppose that glues of this type for something so specific can only be found in stores that sell exclusive items for eyelashes and that type of thing, try to search for stores of this type on Google, I am sure that you will find hundreds of them there


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