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Meme has now become part of Memes art because it has been created by online users who have taken the time to make interesting and funny artwork. Memes can be made through current technology like Photoshop, and I think Photoshop is an art. We think we can agree that memes can become art.

Whatever moves you is art. Just like other forms of material and non-material artistic expression, Meme can also be used. Memes tend to have advantages related to technological progress. The emergence of the internet era gave birth to new forms of self-expression and contemporary communities to raise awareness or spread humor. Just like stand-up comedy, film making, painting or sculpture, in my opinion there are memes between forms of expression as art forms. You can see recommendations here.

If it makes you feel something is art. Painting and music are made to make people feel something and are considered as art. So presumably Meme can be made for the same reason and can be considered by many people to be an art. This is just a new type of art so some people don’t accept it as art.

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