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Appmia does miss a few features you would expect to find from this type of software. On the other hand, most of the basic and most important functions do feature. You can monitor their Internet access and any contact made to and from the . It encrypts any data and holds it securely in your online account. The fact you can access data which has been deleted is a major benefit.

It’s wise to conduct research into the available features for your specific smart platform before purchasing as there are certain limitations.

Appmia commits itself to embracing the latest smart mobile spy app features. If someone is abusing their privileges it’s easy to find out about it with this software. Simply installing it on a compatible operating system gives you instant access to the ’s activities.

Your control panel is the Appmia account given to every customer. From here you have access to call logs, GPS locations, and any other recorded activities. Just login to the account and view the results by clicking specific categories. Each category has been sorted and filed so you can switch between different data logs quickly and efficiently.

If you want more control you can upgrade your license for a small fee. What this gives you is access to the ’s screen in real time. You also gain map view so you can track the ’s location more completely. It allows instant and remote control. Another alert option also comes with an upgraded license. Upgrade and any logs are also emailed direct to your account.

It works independently of the and doesn’t interfere with any activities; unless you want it to. It burrows deep into the , which is why it can retain data even if the user deletes it before you can review it.

It works with the majority of smarts in some way. These include the Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Blackberry.

It’s compatible with the majority of carriers as well. The major ones include Orange, O2, T-Mobile, AT&T, Alltel, Verizon, and Sprint.

Requirements and Notices
To work the needs to have an Internet connection or the can’t gather and upload the logs to the Appmia account. In the case of the Android , you don’t need to use a computer to install the software.

Beware of using the AT&T carrier with this software. They have recently introduced policies where it automatically restricts the use of third-party applications like Appmia. Check with the carrier to ascertain any restrictions, and the extent of said restrictions, before purchasing this cell tracking software.



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