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by Moleskine

Where analog meets digital.


Iconic design meets digital practicality.


We move from low to hi-tech everyday, from analog to digital, from notebook to smartphone. That’s why we’ve partnered with Evernote on a collection of notebooks that make the journey easier. With all the familiar features of the legendary notebooks, the Evernote collection includes a special dot page layout that optimizes capture so that handwritten ideas are seamlessly transmitted to Evernote and preserved in digital form for easy organization, search and sharing. Think, work and create without boundaries; bridge paper to digital and enjoy the benefits of both for increased productivity and a more pleasurable writing experience.





    The unique Evernote page layout is recognized by the page camera, so the smartphone acts as a portable scanner that captures content and automatically optimizes it, cropping the page and improving contrast. Tagging is done physically on the page using the enclosed Smart Stickers, which make your work searchable by tag, location and notebook.



  • Evernote Planner

    Bring order to your weekly schedule by bringing your paper planner closer to Evernote. The Evernote Planner lets you set reminders on the page and automatically receive a push notification and/or email to your device, so you’ll remember important things even when you don’t have your Planner open. You can also share a reminder with someone else so they'll also get the notification. With the date on the left and a ruled page on the right, you can even associate your notes with the date by capturing both pages with the Evernote Page Camera.

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  • The Evernote Business

    Specially designed around the new features rolled out in the latest update to the Evernote iOS app, each page in the Business Notebook is divided in two sections to save and share public and private notes separately, thus keeping your meeting minutes apart from personal reminders. Each page is also numbered to ease indexing and organization, whilst the tick box at the top sets reminders in Evernote automatically when checked on the page.

    Stay connected.
    Evernote's Page Camera has been updated to read business cards; automatically saving new contacts, connecting to LinkedIn and sharing your details with the people you meet. The Evernote Business Notebook provides the contrasting background needed for the capture, and its back pocket stores the physical business cards once they've been saved in Evernote.

    Present your notes.
    The app update introduces an improved Presentation Mode which turns handwritten notes into beautiful presentations with a single tap. Once notebook content has been saved to Evernote, it can be augmented and enhanced with audio, video, photos and text; ready to share and present to others.

    Evernote Premium subscription included
    *3 months subscription

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  • The Evernote Sketchbook

    It's not just your notes that live on after you've turned the page. Sketches do too as the Evernote page layout comes to the high quality Moleskine Sketchbook paper, 120 gsm (81 lb sketch-grade paper) and acid-free. With cloud-enabled sketching the creative process is not restricted by the boundaries that lie between analog and digital.

    Evernote Premium subscription included
    *3 months subscription

  • Smart sketching

    TThe Evernote Sketchbook makes it easier for visual note-takers who use techniques such as sketchnoting to record important information and moments on paper. Its pages are subtly marked with a dot grid that optimizes image quality when scanning to Evernote; automatically correcting contrast and cropping the edges of the page in preparation for sharing with others.

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  • The Evernote Journal

    The connected notebook is accessible for students and academics in the form of a Journal. Lightweight and portable with a customizable cardboard cover, the Evernote Journal keeps class notes and group work organized in the cloud, from where it can be shared for collaborative learning. Available in "Evernote ruled" and "Evernote squared" page layouts as a set of 2.

    Evernote Premium subscription included
    *Pocket & Large: 1 month subscription
    **XLarge: 2 months subscription

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THE CLASSIC – The Evernote Classic Notebook


  • The Evernote Classic Notebooks

    The Evernote Classic Notebook features unique "Evernote ruled" and "Evernote squared" page styles with dotted lines designed to ensure a clean image when digitally capturing your notebook.

    Each Evernote Classic Notebook comes with 3 months of Evernote Premium, which offers a number of added features to make your newly-digitized, handwritten content more accessible, searchable, and shareable.

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