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myCloud Creativity Challenge

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myCloud Creativity Challenge

Every creative mind has its needs when it comes to the tools of its trade.

Some peope always carry their sketchbooks around, some would never leave home without their camera, and some only feel complete with their mpr3 players by their side.

All of us keep a few essential items stored in our personal cloud. Show us yours!

Draw, paint, or photograph the things you can't leave home without, and submit them to myMoleskine to enter our new #CreativityChallenge.

Simply upload your picture with the tag #myCloud before March 24th, and the best one among the three most voted entries wins a special Moleskine package of Limited Editions, collectors' items and even more tools for infinite creativity.

Expired on 25th March 2014. The winner of this Creativity Challenge is Dawid Weideman 


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