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soft cover ruled journal > weekly work journal

While I still use a Planner for calendaring, I use a soft-cover Ruled Journal (7.5x10) each year for my work weekly journal of each day's activities. Each week has a 2p spread divided into four columns: Dates, Tasks, Calls, Notes. It is light, flexible and has room for the whole 52 weeks + extra.

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While I still use a Planner for calendaring, I use a soft-cover Ruled Journal (7.5x10) each year for my work weekly journal. I can fit 52 weeks, with a 2-page spread for each week, plus have extra pages at the end.

Each week I add the dates at the upper right, the right side is separated into two vertical columns, Dates and Tasks, the left side is divided into Notes and Calls. I have an orange pen I use for this to have it stand out.

Under Dates, I add the date on each day and note both what I need to do (with an open check box - checking it when it is done or arrowing it over at the end of the week to note to move it to the next week) and what I did (with a simple bullet). I will star anything that is urgent. This is nice because I wait until that morning to add that date, so the space for each day is flexible. Rarely do I run out of room by Friday, if I do, I spill into the Tasks column.

The Tasks section is a to-do list for the week, that can be done anytime that week. These are marked with open check boxes and get checked or arrowed over, as needed.

Calls is for logging any calls or conversations I had that week under the appropriate date.

Notes is for any random notes that week that were not able to be captured with normal meeting or task notes.
I use a re-positionable sticky tab (a plastic one, not paper) to move to the correct week, since these journals have no ribbon bookmark.

I label the year on each one in black marker on the cover and put my contact info on the inside fly.
The last page I divide up into two columns and six rows and create a planning calendar to note overall things I need to plan for each month through the year. I will also tend to use one of the extra pages, towards the end of the year, for items to think about for next year's journal.

I like this because it is a flexible solution that is light and easy to carry with me to meetings. It forces me to use my first thing Monday to plan the week, move items over from the prior week, etc. The red stands out in my bag and on my desk. And it comes in a 3-pack, so I have 3 years worth ready to go.

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What specific journal is that in the picture?

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It's a soft-cover Ruled Journal (7.5x10). They come in a set of 3. Mine have a red cover, but there are others too.

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soft cover ruled journal > weekly work journal