Moleskin pen holder hack

Most pen holders hang outside the notebook. Even the flat moleskin pen with the side clip hangs outside waiting to fling off. This hack provides a tidy location for the pen inside the notebook.

Hack description

I recently purchased a new soft cover 13x21cm mole and a mole pen that is designed to attach to the notebook. The pen is flat and has a side clip that is supposed to be designed to attach to a hard cover mole. I noticed that the pen would have to be attached to the outside of the mole which would not be a very tidy or secure package. I realized that if there was a slot cut into the pages of the mole with just enough space to fit the pen, then the pen could be attached to the mole hidden within the cover. Only a small amount of page space would have to be removed, which I deemed worth the tidy package that would result.

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Moleskin pen holder hack