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Lao Ban Zhai Restaurant

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As a famous restaurant of traditional catering in Shanghai, Laobanzhai Restaurant was opened in 1905. Serving food of Huaiyang cuisine, it is well-known for making noodles and snacks of Huaiyang styles. Laobanzhai Restaurant has been listed as one of China's Time-honored Brands. Here are some famous dishes, including Saury Soup Noodles Mixed with Scraps of Saury (only supplied in the half month before Tomb Sweeping Day, with quantitative limitation), Noodles Cooked with Salted Cabbage and Pork, Steamed Bun Stuffed with Crab Meat, Mixed Vegetable Rice, and Soybean Soup. There are also Huaiyang dishes such as Braised Minced Meat Ball with Crab Roe, and Leiocassis Longirostris Braised in Brown Sauce. My grandfather is the fans of Laobanzhai. And it is him that took me there when I was a kid at the first time.

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Lao Ban Zhai Restaurant