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Geographic Hack

I always take along my planner and my black journal (from a set of 3). So it's a simple and fast way to decorate (and to protect) a pocket Cahier. It took me 5 minutes to make it and about an hour to share it.

Hack description

To make this cover I cut out the map of Arctic from a school atlas. The map is 20 cm in diameter, so it hides almost all the cover of the pocket cahier and there's "a piece of land" to fix the cover without glue. 

But if you drip a bit of glue to fix the cover, you'll be able to use it as a usual map.

You can also bend the edges of the cover that still go beyond, but I didn't do that yet. 

The next one for me is Antarctic: a friend of mine is a scientist and every year he visits the continent with an expedition. 

Thanks for your attention! :-)))

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Love the Cyrillic mapping! Neat idea thanks!

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Geographic Hack