L for Moleskine

Most indispensable tools: a pocket Moleskine, one pen, one brush and an iPhone 4s and its ear plugs. All fits in a normal breast pocket. The iPhone hang by a string to the neck (just in case).

Hack description


This has been printed wiht my own design on an A3+ paper, with an adhesive plastic film on top for solidity and protection. I then cut-out and folded the plastic-paper sheet in this shape.

It holds securely to the Moleskine. You can swipe it frone one pocket  Moleskin to another. There's no fixations of any sort.

Any time you want to do colors, you may take a scan-picture of it and color it on the iPhone while listening to some good music.

This is a prototype. I hope it'll last long. When it's broken, I'll print another one.

Hope you'll like it!

It's the size of the pocket Moleskine. Pen, brush and phone protrude from the book to help grab them.


You can add credit or business cards inside as abonus!

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I gave it two-stars because I think it looks unique.

Really though ...it's a single-star.

Despite it's looks, the only place for this is in a bag or purse. It looks like something taken out of a carry-on for a long flight.

Also, cell phone have had planners and a Notes feature for a decade ...at least.

Finally, it looks like you have to separate everything in order to use them as a group ...that's not a group.

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L for Moleskine